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Wheat Export Ban: The decision to rein in exports was taken because of not a wheat crisis, know what the Commerce Secretary said?

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India Bans Wheat Export: Commerce Secretary BVR Subramaniam said on Saturday that there is no wheat supply crisis in the country. The decision to ban wheat exports will help in curbing rising prices in the domestic market and in meeting the food needs of the neighboring and poor-weak countries of the country. The government also says that it can review this decision when the prices improve. According to the secretary, the decision to stop has been taken at the right time. He said that no major decline has been observed in the production of wheat. There is no crisis in the country. There is enough food in government stock and private stocks.

The main objective of the ban step is to contain inflation. The business of wheat is being increased in a certain direction. The Commerce Secretary said that the government does not want wheat to be used uncontrollably in those places where it is hoarded or where it is not used as per our expectation. He said that we have focused on ensuring that adequate food stock is available in the country. Food is a very sensitive item for every country because it affects the poor, middle and rich all. However, he also said that the prices of wheat flour have been seen increasing by 40 per cent in some parts of the country.

Food Secretary’s opinion

At the same time, according to Food Secretary Sudhanshu Pandey, the main reason for banning the export of wheat is the increase in the prices of wheat due to uncontrolled trade. He said that it is the responsibility of the government to ensure food availability and stability in prices. In such a situation, the ban on wheat export is an attempt to control these prices.

this was the strategy

The government’s move to ban exports came as a surprise to experts, because a day earlier, the government had made it clear that the country was committed to promoting wheat exports and for this, delegations were also sent to 9 countries. was also given. It was to be sent to Morocco, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Turkey, Algeria, Lebanon.

The Food Secretary said that one of the reasons for banning wheat export by India is that 7 countries of the world have imposed various restrictions in view of the decrease in production. For this year, India has set a target of exporting 10 million tonnes of wheat.

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