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Video: People felt scared after seeing ‘red sky’ in the city of China, know its secret?

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Red sky In Chinese City: Residents of China’s eastern port city of Zhoushan were surprised when the sky turned red for a while over the weekend. Seeing the sky red, some feared that an uncontrolled fire was raging nearby, while some assumed that this was the beginning of the apocalypse. Videos and pictures shared by locals on social media platforms like Twitter showed people coming out of their homes, witnessing such a sight for the first time.

One user said he had never seen anything worse than this, while another wrote that it is a “bloody-red color that doesn’t look good at all”. A third person wrote on Twitter, “I’m sure this is completely normal and not a harbinger of apocalypse. Correct?”

According to the Independent, meteorologists in Zhoushan tried hard to find out what caused the scary-looking red sky. They concluded that this red color came from light refracted from local boats in low-altitude clouds in the region. This is a phenomenon caused by the refraction of light.

light coming from a fishing boat
Quoting the Global Times, The Independent reported that the red light in the sky was coming from a fishing boat. Zhoushan officials also confirmed that there were no reports of fire in the port city at the time the skies turned red.

Meteorologists said the weather in the eastern port city was perfect for a refraction event as the sky was cloudy and drizzled, turning the sky unusually red, causing a slight panic. He also said that when the weather conditions are good, it creates more water in the atmosphere. This creates aerosols that then reflect and scatter off the scaffolding of fishing boats and create a red sky.

In addition, meteorologists clarified that any geomagnetic and solar activity could not be the possible reason behind the reddening of Zhoushan sky. He said solar and geomagnetic activity, which can change the color of the sky, was calm in the port city on Saturday and no significant anomalies were reported as per observation records.

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