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Vastu Tips: Adopt these Vastu tips, there will be progress in business, you will get immense wealth

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Vastu Tips: Vastu Shastra has a lot of importance in human life. Whenever a person wants to build his house and shop whatever. He tries to make it according to Vastu. To get profit in business, it is necessary that the house, shop or factory should be established according to Vastu. Even after working hard, if the business is not growing, then one reason for this can also be Vastu defect. Business can be progressed even by removing Vastu defects. For this, it is very important to take care of some special things.

cash the counter Of place

It is believed that Lakshmi resides if the cash counter is kept in the north direction in a shop, establishment or factory. The north direction is also called the direction of Kubera. Therefore wealth wealth increases and poverty is removed.

Unnecessary objects from abstinence

Do not allow any unnecessary garbage to accumulate in your workplace, in the shop or in the factory. Due to this, negative energy operates and business can upset your mind.

master Of sit Of place

For progress in business, it is necessary that the owner of the establishment should sit on the south-west corner and his face should be towards the north, there should be a solid wall behind him. There should not be any window or jharokha in that wall. This also increases the chances of earning money and success in business is achieved.

Prayer venue Of Importance

At the workplace, the house of worship should be built in the northeast and worship should be done. Shoes and slippers should not be kept on the northeast. This leads to prosperity and no growth in business. The customer is attracted when the northeast is clean and the blessings of Lakshmi also rain.

Business can be progressed by keeping these small things of Vastu Shastra in mind, it rains wealth, makes the mind happy and removes poverty.

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