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Vacation Tips: If you want summer vacation to be great then definitely keep these stuff with you

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Travel Checklist: If you want to make summer vacation fun and memorable, then do not forget to keep some essential items in your backpack. These items are very useful in your travel and taking them with you will save you from falling ill. These accessories will also save you from irritability while waiting for an attraction at times, will keep you happy and make the trip enjoyable.

1-Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
Carry a cotton hat or cap, good quality sunglasses and sunscreen from home so that strong sunlight does not make you sick. These accessories will give you a lot of comfort while traveling. Although all these items are found in the locker market, but sometimes the caps are made of synthetic fabric and the sunglasses are also not of good quality, which does not protect from the sun.

2-Medical Kit
Keep a compact medical kit with you so that you do not have to go to the medical store if your health deteriorates in the summer or if there is a minor injury. In this you can take paracetamol, painkiller, skin cream, a bandaid. Also, you can keep mosquito repellant or cream in this kit.

3-Glucose Water
If you are going to roam in summer then it is very important to avoid dehydration. You buy packets from home and mix them in the bottle. This will keep you hydrated even after sweating and avoid drinking loose juices etc. when you are thirsty.

4-Dry Food
During travel, many times it takes longer than expected on attractions, in such a situation, acidity or weakness starts due to staying empty stomach for a long time. If you avoid a lot of outside food, then you can keep all these together in the purse like biscuits and dry snacks like dry fruits, gram. They do not even feel hungry and health will also be right.

5-Power Bank
No matter how full the phone’s battery is, but many times in continuous use, due to clicking of photos, it starts draining. There are also many transactions from the phone, in such a situation, the irritation can increase if the battery is low. Many times a charging point is not available in travelling, so do carry the power bank in your bag by charging it.

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