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US Warns India: America again warns about China’s antics on Indian border, Defense Minister Lloyd Austin’s big statement

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US warns India: Amidst the ongoing dispute on LAC, a big statement of the US Defense Minister has come to the fore regarding the antics of China. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has said that China is strengthening its claims on the border adjacent to India. This is the second major statement from the US in the last one week on the ongoing dispute on the LAC.

Recently, a senior commander of the US Army, who came to India, had termed China’s infrastructure development and deployment of the army on the LAC as ‘eye-opener’.

The US Defense Secretary was speaking at the ongoing three-day Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore. During this, Lloyd Austin clearly stated that Beijing (China) is continuously strengthening its claim (and military deployment) on the border adjacent to India, on the strong military ties with India and China’s growing disdain in the Indo-Pacific region. .

India’s growing military capability praised
However, the US Defense Secretary praised India’s growing military-capacity and technical strength and said that it can be helpful in bringing a stabilizing force in the region i.e. stability in Asia. Lloyd Austin also mentioned in his address, from Quad relations with India to joint exercises with the Indian Navy and Air Force.

LAC But the India-China conflict has been going on for two years.
For the last two years, India has been in conflict with China on the Line of Control (LAC) adjacent to eastern Ladakh. In the last two years, China’s PLA Army has been working to strengthen its defense infrastructure and military deployment in areas adjacent to the LAC. Even the Chinese army has prepared two bridges on the disputed Pangong-Tso Lake.

However, 15 rounds of military commanders-level meetings have been held between the two countries and the armies have retreated in many places, but disputes are still going on in many areas. In such a situation, the statement of the US Defense Secretary becomes very important.

General Michael Flynn, the commander of the US Indo-Pacific Command, who visited India last week, also described China’s military activities on the LAC as alarming.

US Defense Minister said this on Indo-Pacific region
Targeting China in the Shangri-La Dialogue, which is considered very important for the Indo-Pacific region, the US Defense Secretary also said that the PRC (ie People’s Republic of China) fishing-fleet conflict with other countries in the East China Sea. is increasing. China is deploying advanced weapons on humanitarian islands in the South China Sea to make its illegal maritime claims. He said that Chinese ships are plundering by illegally entering the maritime borders of other countries. Lloyd Austin clearly said that no country in the Indo-Pacific, that is, the Indo-Pacific, should tolerate political-threat, economic pressure or persecution of the Maritime Militia.

It is worth noting that on Saturday itself, the Commanding-in-Chief of the Eastern Command of the Indian Navy, Vice Admiral Biswajit Dasgupta also participated in the Shangri-La Dialogue on ‘Maritime Security from Codes of Contact’. Will give his address on ‘Two Crisis Theme’. All eyes will also be on the address of China’s Defense Minister Wai Feng on Sunday i.e. on the last day. Heads of states, ministers and military officials of the countries of the Indo-Pacific region participate in the annual Sangri-La Dialogue in Singapore.

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