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Ukraine conflict: In the Human Rights Council on the Russo-Ukraine war, India again said – end the enmity

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India In UNHRC: In the meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council, India has made an important statement on the Russia-Ukraine war. India said that the human rights of the people of Ukraine should be protected. India said that after the discussion on the situation in Ukraine in March 2022, the situation has worsened and it has had the biggest impact on women and children. India said this during the special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting. India, while keeping its point, said that our position on the Ukraine conflict has been firm and consistent. We are deeply concerned about the unfolding incidents and have always spoken of an immediate end to violence and an end to enmity.

PM Narendra Modi talks with world leaders

During the special session, India said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reiterated this in his interactions with world leaders. These include the Russian Federation and Ukraine. It is true that women and children have been badly affected by this conflict and a large number of these people have had to take refuge in neighboring countries. A large number of women and children were displaced from the country. India said that we have provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine and its neighboring countries. India is continuously sending medicines and other essential materials to Ukraine.

The effects of the war are being felt across the region.

India further said that the impact of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine can be felt in the entire region. This situation has had its impact outside the region as well. Oil prices are skyrocketing while shortages of food grains and fertilizers are beginning to be felt. We call on the human rights of the people in Ukraine to be respected and protected.

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