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Thursday Mantras: If you want happiness and wealth, then chant these mantras on Thursday

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Thursday Mantras: Vishnu is worshiped on Thursday. On this day people keep a fast on Thursday and worship the banana plant. It is believed that if the Lord is worshiped with true devotion and devotion on this day, then all the troubles of life go away. If effective mantras of Lord Vishnu are chanted along with fasting on this day, then one can get the blessings of a happy life. Let’s know what is the effective mantra of Lord Vishnu

Mantras of Lord Vishnu

simple mantra
Om Vasudevaya Namah:
Om Sankarshanaya Namah:
Om Pradyumnaya Namah:
Om A: Aniruddhaya Namah:
Om Narayana Namah:

Karanyas Mantra
Om Bran- Anushthabhyam Namah.
Om brin- index finger namah.
Om Brun- Madhyamabhyam Namah.
Om bran- Anamikabhaya Namah.
Om Braun- Kanishikabhayam Namah.
Br:- Kartal kar prajabhyam namah.

appropriation mantra
Om Asya Brihaspati Namah (Shirasi)
Om Anushtup Chhandse Namah (faced)
Om Suracharyao Devatai Namah (heart)
Om brbijay namah (cave)
Om shaktiye namah (padyo:)
Om Vinyogai Namah (Sarvange)

Pancharup Mantra of Vishnu
Om hrim kartaviryarjuno name king bahu sahastravan. Yasya smerena marena hratam nastamcha labhyate.

Mantra for wealth and prosperity
Om Bhurida Bhuri Dehino, Maa Dabhram Bhurya Bhar. Bhuri Ghedindra Ditsi.
Bhurida tyasi sruta: purutra shur vrathan. Aa no bhajaswa radhasi..

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