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The pilot fainted in the middle of the sky, the passenger made a safe landing by flying the plane for 70 miles

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Safe Plane Landing: The passengers of the plane flying in the sky got stuck when they came to know that the pilot of the plane had fainted. Before there was an accident, a passenger on board the plane not only flew the plane for 70 miles, but also got the plane landing safely. During this, the conversation between the passenger and the air traffic control was recorded on the wireless. Its audio has surfaced. In this audio, the passenger is heard telling about the critical situation inside the plane at this time.

This incident is from America. Where a 14-seater caravan plane took off from Palm Beach International Airport in Florida, USA. But after taking off for some distance, suddenly the pilot’s health started deteriorating and he fainted. There was an outcry in the plane as soon as the news of the pilot fainting. But a passenger showed understanding and immediately informed the air traffic control.

Passenger flew the plane with the help of ATC

Air traffic control asked the passenger if he had ever flown the plane. To which the passenger replied that he had not flown any plane till date. After this ATC asked this passenger to handle the steering of the plane. Also told him that he should only follow the instructions given by him. The passenger followed the instructions given by ATC. In this way, the passenger flew this plane for a total of 70 miles and also got it landed safely. In this way, due to the understanding of ATC and the passenger, all the passengers on the plane were taken down safely.

According to American aviation experts, this is the first incident of its kind. He has seen and heard such incident only in films. It was no less than a film scene. It is difficult to believe that how a person can fly such a plane to such a distance, who has never flown a plane.

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