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Taliban News: Repressive decree of Taliban against women, UN holds emergency meeting

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Taliban News: The United Nations Security Council held an in-camera meeting on Thursday to discuss the Taliban’s recent repressive decrees against Afghan women. Meanwhile, a statement prepared by Norway calls for a reversal of policies that restrict the rights of women and girls.

In fact, the ruling Taliban in Afghanistan on Saturday ordered women to be covered in burqa from head to toe in public places. It has also been said in the order that if there is no essential work outside, then it would be better for women to stay at home. Along with this, the fear of human rights activists taking a hardline stand by the Taliban has been strengthened.

Women cannot travel in a plane without a man

The Taliban had imposed similar strict restrictions on women during the previous regime of 1996-2001. The Taliban have already banned girls’ education after grade six and barred women from most jobs. Apart from this, if there is no male relative with the women, then they cannot travel in the plane.

cataclysmic economic and human condition

Norway’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, Trine Heimerbach, told reporters ahead of the council meeting that the Taliban’s policies focused on oppressing women and girls rather than dealing with the country’s “catastrophic economic and humanitarian situation”. Meanwhile, Ireland and Mexico, co-chairs of the UN Security Council’s informal expert group on women, peace and security, wrote to council members on Thursday, calling the Taliban’s decision “intimidating”.

Ireland’s ambassador to the United Nations, Geraldine Byron Naison, told reporters that women and girls “are now facing some of the harshest sanctions” and that the international community and the Security Council have a moral responsibility to condemn the Taliban’s policies.

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