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Stuart MacGill: For the first time, former Australian veteran spoke on his kidnapping, said- he took off my clothes and beat me

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former Australia cricketer: About 15 months ago, the legendary Australian player was kidnapped and later he was also released in Sydney. This horrific incident shook the world cricket. The cricketer was not only kidnapped but also beaten up and thrown in the car. Now for the first time after 15 months, Stuart McGill has spoken openly about the horrific incident.

The incident happened on April 14
The incident took place on April 14 and four people were arrested in connection with the kidnapping. One of them is the brother of the cricketer’s partner, Maria O’Meagher. However, the matter won’t go to court until October next year, and so McGill had to withhold some details of the incident during his interview on Sen. WA Breakfast.

took me to the car
Stuart McGill explained in the interview, “I didn’t want to get in the car, I told them twice, ‘I’m not going to get in the car,’ but then it became clear they were armed and they said, ‘We know That you are not involved, we just want to chat,’ Then they put me in the car and I was in the car for an hour and a half.

didn’t know where i am
The 51-year-old cricketer, who represented Australia between 1998 and 2008, revealed that he had no idea about the location, but was beaten up and thrown there after the car stopped. He told that “I didn’t know where we were, I didn’t know where we were going and I was scared. They took off my clothes, beat me, threatened and later left.

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