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Skin Care Tips: Know how different these 3 beauty products are from each other and what is special about it

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Skin Care Products : Among the many products, it is sometimes difficult to find out which one will be right for our skin. Especially among products that do the same thing. Like- makeup cleanser, micellar water and makeup remover, these are all cleansing products, which clean our face but there is often confusion about these products. Therefore, to make your life simple, we are telling you how these products are different from each other and what makes them different.

micellar water
If you want to remove stubborn makeup, oil and dirt from your face in a pinch, then micellar water is perfect for you. It is prepared with a few drops of water and oil, which works to remove and cleanse the dirt and oil accumulated on the face. Micellar water comes in three different varieties. Rose, Charcoal and Aloe Vera. If you have oily skin then go with aloe vera and charcoal and if you have normal, you can opt for rose.

makeup cleanser
The cleanser is based on a cream-like formula and works to remove oil, dirt and sweat from the face. It works to remove light makeup. Cleansing lotions, oils, foams or balms all contain oils that combine with water to create a foamy and creamy structure that helps cleanse your face.

makeup remover
Makeup remover is designed only to remove makeup such as foundation, concealer, blush and other makeup products. It is of liquid concentration, which is completely different from cleanser and formulated with oily components, which makes it easy to remove stubborn make-up. It keeps your skin hydrated and fresh.


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