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Skin Care: No hassle of going to parlor, now remove facial hair at home

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Easy Way To Remove Hair: Many times it must have happened to you that suddenly a program is made to go somewhere in some fashion and in such a situation the increased hair on your face can down your impression. So in such a situation, do not panic, rather follow this method given by us. By adopting this home remedy, not only will your facial hair be cleaned, but your face will also improve. Actually today we are telling you about a pack. In which rice and gram flour will be used. Rice and gram flour mixed in these will not only help in removing facial hair, but it will also bring more benefits to your face. So let’s know how to make it and know about its benefits.

packing material
rice flour
coconut oil

how to make pack
To make the pack, mix all these ingredients in a bowl. And slowly add milk to it and prepare a pack of it. Lastly, don’t forget to add coconut oil to it. Mix coconut oil in the mixer and leave it for some time.

method of installation
First of all clean your face thoroughly. Now apply this pack well on the face and let it dry.
When it dries, rub it slowly on the face in clockwise direction. And remove the pack. Afterwards clean the face thoroughly with water.

Benefits of packing
By applying this pack, the facial hair will be clean, as well as it also cleans your face naturally. At the same time, due to turmeric, it also acts as bleaching on the face, due to which the scars of the face are also gradually removed. On the other hand, applying coconut oil on the face gives other benefits.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that ABPLive.com does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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