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Shani Dev: Shani has a special eye on these three zodiac signs, take these measures today, otherwise you may have to face serious consequences

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Shani Dev: Saturn’s zodiac has changed. From last 29 April 2022, Saturn has left Capricorn and entered Aquarius. The lord of this zodiac is Shani Dev. This zodiac change of Shani Dev has happened after about two and a half years. After changing the zodiac sign of Saturn, there is a special vision on these three zodiac signs.

Shani Sade Sati has started
Saturn’s half-and-half has started on three zodiac signs due to the transit of Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn’s half-and-half has started on Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Therefore, these three zodiac signs need to be careful in this special phase of Saturn.

What results does Shani give in Sade Sati?
According to astrology, when Saturn’s half-century falls on any zodiac, then the person of that zodiac has to face many problems. During Sade Sati the accumulated capital of a person gets destroyed. The money deposited in the bank starts getting spent slowly. There is a hindrance in the education of the students. Doesn’t get result. Health problems also start. In married life also, there is a situation of discord and tension. Obstacles also have to be faced in job and career. Along with this, loss in business also starts. Therefore, special care should be taken in this state of Shani and remedies for Shani should be taken.

Shani Remedy
Those who are having half-century of Shani, they should worship Shani Dev on Saturday. Mustard oil should be offered in Shani temple on this day. Along with this, donating iron, black urad, black clothes, black umbrella, shoes etc. Shani Dev is also pleased by serving leprosy patients.

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