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Russia Ukraine War: Ukraine claims – Russian shelling ruined 300,000 tons of grain kept in warehouses

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Russia Ukraine Conflict: Ukraine’s Deputy Agriculture Minister Taras Vysotsky said on Saturday that according to Kyiv, up to 300,000 tonnes of grain were stored in warehouses destroyed by Russian shelling over the past weekend. was. Speaking on national television, Vysotsky said, according to records, at the start of the war on 24 February, the warehouses of one of Ukraine’s largest agricultural terminals in the Black Sea port of Mykolaiv had 250,000–300,000 tonnes of grain, mainly Wheat and Corn.

Earlier, European Council President Charles Michel last week blamed Russia for the growing food crisis in the world. Following his allegation, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations walked out of the Security Council meeting.

The issue raised in the UN Security Council
Michel told Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia at a meeting of the Security Council that he had seen millions of tons of grain stuck in containers and ships a few weeks ago at the Ukrainian port of Odessa. He said this was due to “the presence of Russian warships in the Black Sea”, Russian attacks on food storage centers and shipping infrastructure, and Russian tanks, bombs and tunnels disrupting agriculture and agriculture in Ukraine.

,Only Russia responsible for the food crisis,
Michel claimed that this is increasing the food crisis, people are getting poorer and the entire region is destabilizing. Michel stressed that only Russia is responsible for this growing food crisis. He also accused Russia of stealing food grains from the areas of Ukraine which it has occupied. Nebenzia left when Michel was speaking at the council.

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