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Russia Ukraine War: So are Moldova and Transnistria now on target of Russia, know why Moscow is keeping an eye on these two countries

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Russia Ukraine Conflict: Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February 2022. More than 2 months have passed since this war. Countries around the world are still trying to stop it, but Russia is not ready to back down. Meanwhile, there is a discussion that after Ukraine, Russia can now reach Moldova and Transnistria. These two countries are neighbors of Ukraine and are in its west. The reason for the discussion of the Russian attack on these two countries is some explosions that took place in Transnistria on 25 and 26 April.

hence the discussion

According to media reports, the army of Transnistria has told that on April 27, drones were seen in their border and there was firing from an unidentified person. The man had also destroyed 2 radio towers by firing, these towers used to broadcast in Russian language. At the same time, Ukraine says that Russia itself has carried out this attack and wants to enter Transnistria by making excuses. After this, he can use this country as a military platform to attack Ukraine.

Now understand Transnistria

Transnistria is free to speak, but it is not recognized internationally. It is a very small country that broke away from Moldova in 1990 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. This country is running on Russian help and about 1500 Russian army is stationed here. Not only this, apart from giving free gas to the people of Transnistria, Russia gives many more facilities. He even gives pension to the senior citizens here. The government here is also pro-Russian. If we talk about the army, then Transnistria has about 7500 soldiers.

Watching Modova via Transnistria

In fact, Moldova was previously part of the Soviet Union. This country is in the middle of the European Union as well as joining Ukraine and Romania in terms of border. This country wants to become a member of the European Union and has also applied for it in March this year, but its border control is necessary to join the EU, but while living in Transnistria, Russia, it can never control the border. could. Russia wants to dominate Moldova. In such a situation, due to the presence of Russian army in Transnistria, there is a fear that Russia may attack Moldova at any time. It is also difficult for this country to stand in front of Russia because it has only 6 thousand soldiers, who cannot face the Russian army. Transnistria and Moldova can prove to be the best point mill for Russia to surround Ukraine.

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