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Russia Ukraine War: Russia attacked chemical plant in Severodnetsk, 300-400 Ukrainian soldiers and 500 civilians trapped inside

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Big news has come amidst the fierce war in Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War). Severodonetsk Azot Association chemical plant has been attacked by Russian. A representative of the Moscow-backed Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) has claimed that around 300-400 Ukrainian soldiers are still trapped in the area of ​​the chemical plant. Russian-backed separatists’ envoy Rodion Miroshnik told Telegram that 500 civilians taking refuge in the chemical plant were also trapped due to Russian shelling.

Putin’s army has a strong hold on Ukrainian soldiers

by Rodion Miroshnik Claimed that Putin’s army has now tightened its grip on Ukrainian soldiers. Although the Russian army is preparing to evacuate the civilians trapped there. According to Miroshnik, Ukrainian troops have demanded a safe passage with the hostages to the city of Lisichansk. Russian military said He will not be allowed to leave the plant until he surrenders to the Russian army. stranded ukrainian soldiers The chemical plants are located near the first gatehouse. Miroshnik told that 500 civilians may also be trapped here.

Meanwhile, the governor of the Luhansk region, Serhi Hadai, claimed that the Azot chemical plant in Severodnetsk is still under Ukrainian control. He denied the claims of Russian-backed separatists and accused Miroshnik of lying. They said that The information about the blockade of the plant is false. However, he acknowledged that Russian troops shelled the plant for hours, after which it caught fire.

200 Ukrainian soldiers being killed daily

Every single day 200 Ukrainian soldiers are being killed in the war against Russia. This information was given by an aide of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The BBC reported on Friday that hundreds of Ukrainian troops are continuing to bombard, according to ally Mykhailo Podolik, as Russian forces move to take control of the entire eastern Donbass region. Podolik said Ukraine still needed Western artillery.

The BBC quoted the aide as saying, “Our demand for artillery is not some sort of fad, but an objective requirement for the conditions of the battlefield.” Podolik also stressed that peace talks between Kyiv and Moscow could resume if Russia frees the occupied territories. Meanwhile, the Russian army intensified its attack on the eastern city of Severodnetsk.

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