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RAC in Indian Railways: Important news! You also have a RAC ticket, so know whether you will get a seat in the train or not?

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RAC on Indian Railway: Important news for those traveling by train. If you are also planning to travel by train and your ticket is also RAC, then know what is the meaning of this RAC ticket? And on whose tickets RAC is written… Apart from this, whether you get a seat in the train in RAC ticket or not…. Know about all the questions related to RAC here-

What is RAC?
The full form of RAC is Reservation Against Cancellation. This means that if someone’s ticket is canceled then you will get the full seat, but till then you will get only the seat to sit. Let us tell you that in the case of RAC, 2 passengers have to sit on one seat. You do not get a seat to sleep when you have RAC status. If 2 people get a seat, if any one person cancels his reservation, then the other passenger gets the full seat.

What to do while waiting?
Let us tell you that this happens only when there is RAC. If your ticket is showing waiting in the status then you cannot sit in the reservation compartment. In this situation, you will have to go to the general compartment to travel by train.

Where is the RAC seat in sleeper class?
Let us tell you that in sleeper class, now only side lower seat is given in all the coaches. Its 7 seats have been reserved for RAC. A total of 14 passengers can travel on these. Let us tell you that 2 people can sit on the 2 seats of the side lower and if someone’s reservation is canceled then you can make a sleeper seat by combining those two seats.

RAC Seat in Three-Tier AC Class
Talking about three-tier AC class, the number of RSC seats in it is 4, on which 8 passengers can travel.

Two-Tier AC Class RAC Seat
Talking about the two-tier AC class, in this 3 berths are reserved for RAC, on which 6 passengers can travel.

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