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Monday, May 23, 2022

‘Putin’s coup continues, Russia will lose the war by the end of this year’, claims this senior Ukrainian officer

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Vladimir Putin Health: The chief of Ukraine’s intelligence agency claimed on Friday night that the work to overthrow Russian President Vladimir Putin is on and that Russia will lose the war by the end of this year. Major General Kirillo Budanov (36) said that in the summer a turning point would come in this fight and Putin would be overthrown. On Friday, a claim was revealed that Putin is very ill and is battling blood cancer. The fighting, in most parts, will be over by the end of this year, he said. After this there will be a change of leadership in Russia. Its process has also started. After that we will restore rule in most parts of Ukraine.

General Budanov’s statement is the biggest comment by any Ukrainian official since the start of the war. But it is also worth noting that Ukraine’s intelligence chief was one of the few top officials who correctly predicted that Russian troops and tanks would try to seize its territory on Ukraine’s borders.

However, slamming Russia’s claims of military prowess, he described Moscow’s army as a “horse of people with arms” and said Russian power is a myth.

Budanov also claimed that 69-year-old Putin has a very poor mental and physical condition and is battling cancer and other diseases. His health has been the subject of speculation this year. The use of steroids has been reported to treat his condition. In recent video footage, he was seen clutching a table to steady his trembling hands.

Speculation began when an audio recording of an elite group – named ‘Yuri’ – was acquired by Western Venture Capitalists and given to New Lines magazine.

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