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Puja Path: Even if you are not offering these things to God, you may have to bear the wrath!

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Hindu Puja and Rituals: In Hinduism, the law of offering rice to the deities during worship is very ancient. When there is a shortage of any worship material during the worship, rice is offered to make up for it. In Hindu religious texts, rice is called Akshat. Akshat means that which is not broken. If a piece of rice is broken, it is not offered to the Lord during the worship. Akshat is considered a symbol of perfection. Therefore, do not offer it to God in a broken form.

gods of Dear food Is rice

In Hindu religious texts, rice is said to be the favorite food of the gods. It is also called Devan. It is considered to be the most sacred and best food. Its color is white. White color is a symbol of peace. While offering it to the deities, it is imagined that my work also attains perfection like this rice.

fragmented rice to offer From God would have been Huh Unhappy

It is a religious belief that offering broken or broken rice to God angers God. Therefore, always offer unbroken rice in worship. It is said that by offering rice on the Shivling, Shiva is pleased and gives unbroken wealth, respect and respect to the devotees like unbroken rice.

all gods To plated go Is intact

Akshat is offered to all the deities. The belief behind its offering is that God should complete all our works like unbroken rice in an unbroken manner, that is, without any hindrance.

Bel Patra: Are you offering such Bel leaves on Shivling, incurring heavy losses?

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