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Passenger Vehicles Sales: Sales of two wheelers increased in the month of April, passenger vehicle sales fell by 4 percent, know what is the reason?

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Passenger Vehicles Sales in April: There has been a decline in the wholesale sales of vehicles in the month of April. In the domestic market, the supply or wholesale of passenger vehicles from factories to dealers fell by four per cent in April. SIAM, an organization of vehicle manufacturers, has given information about this on Wednesday. SIAM has told that this decline has been seen due to supply challenges.

how much sales
The wholesale sales of passenger vehicles in the domestic market was 2,61,633 units in April, 2021, which declined to 2,51,581 units in the previous month. Passenger car wholesales last month stood at 1,12,857 units as against 1,41,194 units in the same month last year.

Utility vehicle sales fall
Let us tell you that the wholesale sales of utility vehicles increased to 1,27,213 units from 1,08,871 units in the same period a year ago. Similarly, the wholesale sales of vans stood at 11,511 units in April 2022 as against 11,568 units in April 2021.

Sales of two wheelers and three wheelers increased
During this period, the wholesale sales of two-wheelers increased by 15 percent to 11,48,696 units. During this period the wholesale sales of three wheelers also increased.

Know what the director of Siam said
Rajesh Menon, Director General of SIAM, said, “Sales of passenger vehicles is still lower than the figures of April, 2017 while the sales of two-wheelers are less than the figures of April, 2012.” They are also assessing the impact on demand due to the rate hike.

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