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Parenting Tips: Teach children yoga in summer, will help in physical and mental development

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Yoga For Kids: In summer, children have holidays. In such a situation, many times children are bored if they remain empty. You can teach yoga to keep children fit and busy in summer. Through yoga, children do light exercises and keep themselves fit. Most of the parents take care of the food and drink of the children but do not think about their physical activity. In such a situation, you must teach yoga to your child while making the right use of the holidays. Due to this, children remain physically active and their mental development is also good. Let us know which are some simple yoga poses for children?

salutation seat- This is the simplest posture. In this, first sit on the mat and now by joining both the palms, make a position connecting the hands. After this, press the hands and fingers together. Close your eyes and bring your hands in the posture of salutation and put them on your chest. Now slowly move the elbows of both your hands towards the head.

Dandasana- First of all lie down on your stomach and join both the legs. Now keep a little distance between your two hands and keep the arms in the straight line of your chest with the elbows bent. Slowly draw the breath inwards and, putting the weight of the body on the toes, raise the body with the help of both the hands till both the hands are completely straight. Exhale and raise the body slightly above the ground below. Now take a breath and take the body upwards.

mountain pose Sit comfortably on the mat. Now interlock the fingers of both the hands by mixing them with each other. Turn the palms over and keep them in the line of the head while moving them up. Now move the hands upwards and take a deep breath. Stay in this position for two minutes, then exhale and bring the hands down.

Vrikshasana- First of all, stand straight and bring both the hands near the thighs. Now slowly bend your right knee and place it on your left thigh. Now while inhaling, raise both the hands upwards. Make a posture of salutation by bringing both the hands up and draw a deep breath inwards. Now exhale and loosen the body. Now slowly bring the hands down.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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