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Parenting Tips: If you also do such things to children, then be careful, otherwise there can be huge loss

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Parenting Tips: Child’s mind is like a blank paper, on which we write what we write. That’s why you must understand one thing that never say such a thing in front of your child or related to them  or do not behave in such a way that later proves fatal for them. We are going to tell you some such things, which should never be said in front of a child like-
  • Sometimes parents in anger or despair utter these abusive words ‘I wish you were not born…’ in front of their child. Which is not correct. Your saying like this hurts the self respect of the child. He starts making a mental distance from you.
  • Often parents taunt their own child by taking their own children in or around the children, while it is not right to do so. Every child has its own unique strengths and abilities. This is the reason that after a while it becomes a home in the mind of the child that he cannot do well in any field.
  • There are many parents who always ask this to their child. Complain that they work too slowly. That’s why you should never point out your child’s slow pace. On the contrary, you should praise them and teach them how they can do better.
  • When parents are upset with their child’s actions, they may angrily ask him to leave the house or leave the house. They say about leaving the house. These things affect children deeply. When a little older, children become serious about this matter and can take any big step in anger, which can force you to repent for life.

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