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Panchak 2022: Since when is ‘Panchak’ being held in June? Know the date and time, this time the sum of ‘Mrityu Panchak’ is being formed

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June Panchak 2022: Panchak is considered special in Hinduism. Auspicious and Manglik works are not done in Panchak. It is believed that doing auspicious work in Panchak does not bring results. In Hinduism, the auspicious time and the right time are seen before doing any auspicious and auspicious work. Panchang is studied. So that the tasks can be successful. There are 5 days in every month in which auspicious works are not done. These five days are called Panchak.

When is Panchak? (Panchak Kab Hai)
The month of Ashadh is starting from Wednesday, 15th June. This day is the Pratipada date of Krishna Paksha of Ashadh month. But Panchank is starting from 18th June 2022, Saturday. According to the Panchang, on 23 June 2022, Panchank will end on Thursday.

Panchak Timings in June (Panchak June 2022)
Panchak starts- June 18, 2022, on Saturday from 6.43 pm onwards.
Panchak ends – 23 June 2022, on Thursday at 6.14 am.

Panchak Nakshatra
According to astrology, the third phase of Moon’s Dhanishta Nakshatra and the period of travel in Shatabhisha, Uttarabhadrapada, Revathi and Poorvabhadrapada constellations is called Panchak. This period is of five days. At the same time, when the Moon transits in Aquarius or Pisces, then Panchak begins.

This time the sum of death Panchak is being formed (Mrityu Panchak)
According to the scriptures, the names of Panchak and their importance are on the basis of the seven days of the week. The Panchaks that fall every day are known by different names. This time Panchak is starting from Saturday. According to the belief, when Panchak starts on Saturday, it is called ‘Mrityu Panchak’.

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