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OLA Uber Update: What did the government say to Ola, Uber about the service? A warning given to them for the future

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OLA Uber Service: The government had summoned the officers of Ola and Uber on Tuesday, in which their complaints of unfair trade practices were discussed. Questions were also asked about fare calculation, surge price, cancellation policy and protection of customer data. Consumer affairs secretary Rohit Kumar Singh said, “We have informed them about the increasing customer complaints to the companies.”

The government has also warned other companies providing app-based cabs, including Ola and Uber, to improve their system. Said that if companies do not address the ever-increasing complaints of consumers, then strict action will be taken against them. According to the information given by the government, representatives of Meru, Firefly, Rapido along with Ola-Uber also participated in this meeting with the companies.

troubled consumer

The secretary has also informed that more complaints have been received on ‘Jago Grahak Jago’ helpline. These figures reflect consumer displeasure against these cab companies. According to him, it has also been learned that after accepting the booking, the cab drivers pressurize the consumers to cancel it. Customers are liable to be fined for canceling the booking.

zero tolerance

Central Consumer Protection Authority’s Chief Commissioner Nidhi Khare has said that cab companies should not violate consumer rights through unfair trade practices. Will issue an advisory soon to be sure. The government will adopt a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ against these companies in the coming days.

Khare also said that the cab companies were also asked why different fares are charged from different people for going from one place to another. Companies use algorithms to attract new customers by charging them less for services, while charging existing or old customers more.

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