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NSE India Update: NSE earnings increased due to boom in stock market and arrival of new investors, profit of Rs 5,198 crore in 2021-22

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NSE India: The last two years have passed in the shadow of the Corona pandemic (Covid19 Pandemic). During this, there was a cloud of crisis on the Indian economy. But the Indian stock market showed tremendous enthusiasm during this period. Trading in the stock market has increased manifold, due to which there has been a jump of 45.4 percent in the net profit of the country’s largest stock exchange National Stock Exchange. The net profit of NSE in the 2021-22 financial year has been Rs 5,198 crore.

NNE’s earnings increased rapidly in the stock market
NSE’s revenue jumped 53 percent in 2021-22 and it has been Rs 9,500 crore. Transaction Charge is levied on trading in the stock market. Due to the increase in trending, the exchange has earned more from the transaction charges. Trading charge increased by 64 per cent to Rs 6,965 crore while colocation charge increased by 58 per cent to Rs 433 crore.

4 crore new demat accounts opened in a year
During the Corona period, a large number of new investors have been associated with the stock market, who have opened demat accounts for trading in the stock market. More than 40 million new investors have opened demat accounts in the last 12 months due to multiple IPOs and a boom in the stock market, which has increased the participation of retail investors in the stock market.

NSE surrounded by controversies
In the past few months, the National Stock Exchange has also been embroiled in controversies where issues of corporate governance have dominated. CBI has also taken action against former NSE CEO Chitra Ramakrishna and former Group Operating Officer Anand Subramanian for irregularities.

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