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North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile: Tokyo and Seoul claim – North Korea fired three ballistic missiles towards the sea

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North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile: North Korea launched three unidentified suspected ballistic missiles into the sea. South Korea and Japan claimed this. Japan’s Defense Ministry said the missile fired by North Korea could be a possible ballistic missile. No further details were given from his side.

At the same time, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea said in a statement that the North Korean missile was launched on Thursday towards the East Sea of ​​the country (North Korea). No further information was given in the statement.

Meanwhile, North Korea’s state media on Thursday confirmed the first case of Covid-19 in the country. The country’s leader Kim Jong-un has ordered a complete lockdown in cities and counties. More than two years after the outbreak of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the first case of infection has been confirmed in North Korea.

North Korea has conducted several missile tests this year in an apparent attempt to pressure its rivals amid stalled nuclear diplomacy. Some experts say North Korea will continue testing its weapons in an effort to bolster national unity, despite increasing anti-virus measures.

16th test of the year
Thursday’s launch was the 16th test by North Korea this year. These include North Korea’s first test of an intercontinental ballistic missile since 2017. There are also indications that North Korea is preparing to conduct its first nuclear test in five years at a remote test ground in the country’s northeast.

US clashes with China and Russia at the UN
This information has come to the fore at a time when the United States has a confrontation with Russia and China on the issue of North Korea in a meeting of the United Nations Security Council. The two sides clashed on Wednesday as strong opposition from China and Russia pushed for new United Nations sanctions on the US, North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs.

Discussions in the Security Council meeting saw a lot of differences between the two sides, and it became an almost impossible task for the Biden administration to pass a proposal for new sanctions in the council. Both China and Russia have veto rights and have said they want to see new talks on North Korea and not punish it further.

US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said the Security Council cannot wait until North Korea conducts “another provocative, illegal, dangerous act such as a nuclear test”. Greenfield is the chair of the Security Council for this month. He said the Democratic Republic of Korea has conducted 17 ballistic missile tests so far this year.

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