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New Business Idea: Cultivation of these three types of leaves will earn a lot, demand will not decrease!

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Money Making IdeaBusiness of many types of leaves is done on a large scale in the country. These leaves are needed at different places. Among these, the 2 most important leaves are banana and betel leaf. Today we will tell you about another leaf, which can earn good profit by cultivating it. We are talking about sakhu leaves.

You can earn well by cultivating these three leaves. The demand for banana leaves is very high in South India. Apart from this, betel leaves are in good demand in North and East India. On the other hand, sakhu leaves are used like banana leaves in hilly areas. Let us explain about them in detail.

banana leaf business

Generally people plant banana trees for fruits. This also gives them good income. But banana leaf is also a great source of income. Banana leaves are commonly used in homes in South India to serve food at all and on special occasions. So there, its demand does not decrease. You can earn a bumper by selling banana leaves in South India.

There is also an advantage here that there is no cost to you in cultivation of foliage. The cost money will come out of the sale of bananas. So here you will get double profit.

Betel leaf

Betel leaves are used almost everywhere in India. Its demand remains at its peak in North and East India. It is also in great demand in South India. It is a cash crop. However, its cultivation is a bit difficult. But a one-time crop can give you rest for many months.

sakhu leaf

This tree is found more in the mountains. It is also used like banana leaves for serving food and other functions in weddings. Not only the leaves of Sakhu, but the wood is also sold very expensive. That is, here too you can earn from a tree in 2 ways. It is mostly grown in North India.

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