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NASA Artemis 1 Mission: NASA once again wants to send humans to the Moon

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NASA Artemis 1 Mission: The world-renowned US space agency NASA is once again preparing to send humans to the Moon. NASA has prepared the Artemis mission to send humans back to the Moon. For this mission, NASA has prepared the most powerful rocket ever. The name of this powerful rocket is Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. In April, NASA went through a process of weight dress rehearsal to test this rocket. Some technical flaws were revealed in the test, while it is necessary to complete the test of this rocket to launch the mission. Now in such a situation, NASA is going to repeat this rehearsal for this mission once again by correcting the flaws.

According to the information, the weight dress rehearsal test is being done at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Before starting this test, the mission team checked their stations at the Launch Control Center. Now after about 45 hours i.e. tomorrow at 12.10 pm the rocket will be tested. Wet dress rehearsal is the process to see whether the rocket is ready to be launched on its mission.

How will the weight dress rehearsal test be done?

It is said that during this test, mission teams power the core stage of ‘Orion Spacecraft’ and Space Launch System (SLS). Engines are tested to such a level that they do not burn. Apart from this, if the weather does not hinder it, then the rest of the testing is also done.

NASA will live video streaming of Artemis mission

If you want to watch the process, NASA will also be streaming live video of the Artemis mission’s rocket and spacecraft from the launch pad named 39B. Live commentary is also being offered from today itself. There may be some movement on the launch pad only during propellant loading.

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