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Mutual Fund Update: Know which are such superhit funds which give good profits in the market of recession as well as boom

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Mutual Fund Strategy: There has been heavy ups and downs in the stock market for several consecutive days. In such a situation, making profit in a falling market is not easy. But the question in the mind of every investor is how to bring growth in wealth even in such times. How to get big returns even in this uncertain market? On this, Pankaj Mathpal, MD, Optima Money, has told 10 best funds to invest with some profitable which you can also consider.

broad market index fund

This fund is made up of stocks from different sectors. This includes S&P BSE 500, Nifty500 indices. This fund tracks 500 companies included in this index. Also, like Flexicap, they have exposure to every market cap. Moreover, the benefit of diversification in every market cap is also available through investing in these funds. Here are the strong funds of this sector

strong fund


Motilal Oswal Nifty 500

large cap index fund

It is an index fund of 100 diversified stocks of large sector. It tracks companies included in Nifty100. In a way, it is an index of top 100 companies based on market cap. It primarily tracks the Nifty50 and Nifty Next 50. Here are the best returns giving funds of this sector.

Funds with Better Returns

Axis Nifty 100 Index Fund

HDFC Nifty 100 Index Fund

Smart Beta Index Fund

This is called an index fund with an active and passive strategy. In this, the weight of the stock is decided on the basis of certain factors. These factors are based on the strategy built on factors like value, growth, volatility. Factor best strategy makes it easy to reduce volatility and the investor gets huge profits in a volatile market. It is an index of Nifty100 Low Volatility 30 Index and 30 less volatile stocks than Nifty100. Here are the strong funds of this sector.

strong fund

UTI S&P BSE Low Vol. Index

ICICI Pru. Nifty Low Vol.30 ETF FoF

value fund

Stocks that trade at less than intrinsic value. According to value investing, every company has value. This value of the company derives from its fundamental analysis. In fact, fundamental analysis is also called intrinsic value. It is based on the past performance of the company and its economic stability, future growth is also seen. Also, a long-term investment strategy is made on under-valued stocks. Here are the best value funds

Strong Value Fund

ICICI Pru. Value Discovery Fund

Nippon India Value Fund

Canara Robeco Value Fund

Balanced Advantage Fund

Balanced Advantage Funds are very effective in dealing with market volatility. They give better returns with less risk. In these, money is invested in equity and debt. According to the estimates invest 30-80% in equities. In this, it is possible to increase or decrease the allocation between equity-debt.

Also, these funds work on valuation based or trend based model. The strategy of these funds is to invest more money in bonds if the stock price rises. If the price falls, then the money is withdrawn from the bond and invested in the shares.

Bet in these funds


Tata BAF

(Investment advice in any fund is not given by ABP News here. The information given here is for informational purposes only. Mutual fund investments are subject to market risk, read all scheme documents carefully. NAV can fluctuate depending on the factors and forces influencing the security market including fluctuations in interest rates.The past performance of a mutual fund may not necessarily reflect the future performance of the schemes. The mutual fund does not guarantee or guarantee any dividend under any of the schemes and is subject to the availability and adequacy of distributable surplus. Investors are advised to review the prospectus carefully and seek specific legal, tax and scheme You are requested to seek expert professional advice regarding the financial implications of investing/participating in

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