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Monkeypox Symptoms: Why is Monkeypox infection spreading? Know its symptoms and preventive measures

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Monkeypox Infection: Monkeypox is such a disease, which till now was found only in the countries of Africa. However, in the last few months, this disease has started spreading like an epidemic and its cases are being seen in large numbers in countries outside Africa as well. Why this infectious disease has suddenly started spreading in this way, no concrete information has been received about it yet. However, Dr Jitendra Narayan, Senior Scientist of CSIR-IGIB, told many important things about this during the conversation. Learn more about the causes of monkeypox outbreak to its symptoms here…

What is monkeypox?
Monkeypox is a contagious disease, which can spread from person to person through many means. This virus can spread even when there is physical contact and this virus can infect a healthy person even with the breath and cough of the infected person.

What are the symptoms of monkeypox?

  • When infected with monkeypox, first of all, pain and fever increase. Symptoms like muscle pain, headache, back pain, fatigue, chills are seen.
  • After having monkeypox, within 1 to 3 days, blister-like sores are formed on the body of the infected person. From which pus can also start leaking.
  • Flu-like symptoms are also seen in the body when monkeypox occurs, but its most distinct and main symptom is thick blister-like lesions emerging on the body, which in medical language is called lymph nodes.
  • The effect of monkeypox is clearly visible on the enlarged lymph nodes. You can think of lymph nodes as the body’s security guards. These are small lumpy structures, which are spread throughout the body. Whenever a virus attacks the body, these lymph nodes suppress it so that it cannot attack other parts of the body.
  • During this, there is a fight between the virus and the lymphocytes present inside the lymph nodes, due to which the virus dies within a few days. But during this time there is swelling in the lymph nodes. Due to which thick swollen wounds start appearing in the body.

Why is it called monkeypox?
The disease is named monkeypox because scientists first observed this disease in monkeys in 1958. Because it is an infection, it can also spread from animals of one species to other animals. Therefore it is believed that this virus must have reached humans through rats, dogs etc.

How is monkeypox spread?

Physical contact with an infected person.
Through fine invisible respiratory droplets released by a person infected with monkeypox.
By using bedding used by an infected person.
On coming in contact with the pus released from the infection.

What is the treatment for monkeypox?
Public health medicines, antiviral medicines are showing very effective in its treatment. Although many countries are considering the option of vaccination to prevent this infection, while the World Health Organization (WHO) says that this infectious disease can be avoided if people take care of hygiene and have safe sex. .

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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