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Mohini Ekadashi 2022: Importance of Parana of Ekadashi more than fasting, what is the correct rule of Parana of Ekadashi fast? learn here

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Mohini Ekadashi 2022, Mohini Ekadashi Parana Vidhi: Today is the fast of Mohini Ekadashi. Mohini Ekadashi is considered special among all Ekadashi fasts. There are many stories related to Mohini Ekadashi in Hinduism. On this day Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini and protected this earth from the demons. Mohini Ekadashi fast is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Special importance of rules has been told in this fast. Some special rules have been given for the completion of Ekadashi fast which should be followed. Tomorrow on May 13, this fast will be broken on the date of Dwadashi. Special care should be taken of these things on this day.

  1. The rule of Ekadashi fasting lasts from Dashami to Dwadashi.
  2. Rice must be eaten while crossing Dwadashi.
  3. Do not use tamasic things in Parana even after forgetting Ekadashi fast is kept for Lord Vishnu.
  4. Ekadashi comes in every month and according to the month, the importance of Ekadashi fast also increases.
  5. To observe Ekadashi fast, the rules of fasting are imposed from the day of Dashami, which lasts till Dwadashi.
  6. After worshiping Lord Vishnu by keeping fast on Ekadashi with rules and restraint, on the next day on the Dwadashi date, there is a law to consume only special things in Paran.
  7. By using some special things in the parana of this fast, you get the complete fruit of the fast and the deities are also pleased.
  8. Tulsi is very dear to Lord Vishnu and if there is no Tulsi in his worship, then he does not accept worship or enjoyment, therefore, Tulsi must be used in any fast of Lord Vishnu and for the completion of Ekadashi fast, you can also use Tulsi leaf. You can put it in your mouth.
  9. Lord Vishnu resides on the gooseberry tree, so gooseberry also has special significance. Ekadashi fasting is broken by eating amla, one gets unbroken good fortune, health and child happiness.
  10. Rice must be eaten at the end of Ekadashi fast. It is forbidden to eat rice on Ekadashi fasting, but it is considered best to eat rice on Dwadashi. It is believed that by eating rice on this day, a creature is born in the vagina of a creeping creature, but breaking the fast by eating rice on Dwadashi also gives freedom from this vagina.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that ABPLive.com does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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