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Mercury Retrograde: Mercury will move in reverse from today, these 6 zodiac signs have to be careful in terms of money and health

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Mercury Retrograde May 2022 : Mercury will be retrograde today. According to the almanac, Mercury will be retrograde in Taurus at 5:16 pm today i.e. on May 10, after which Mercury will be transiting on June 3, 2022. In astrology, Mercury has been considered as the factor of speech, commerce, mathematics, writing, logic, communication, singing, skin etc. This change in the movement of Mercury in the month of Vaishakh is considered very special. The reverse movement of Mercury is affecting all the 12 zodiac signs. What is the effect of Mercury retrograde on these 6 zodiac signs, let’s know the horoscope.

Libra – Today you can start new work. People associated with IT and e-commerce are going to be very busy. Today you will get to learn something from your old mistake in the field of work, which will prove to be helpful in your success. Keep distance from business transactions as well. Those working in partnership are likely to get benefits. There may be problems related to ears, if you use the mobile for a long time, then it can prove fatal for you. Some good news can be received from the in-laws side. The relationship of marriageable girls will be firm.

Scorpio – The mind of the people of this zodiac can be somewhat depressed, any negative thought should not be allowed to grow too much. While strengthening the self-confidence, keep doing your work, there are strong possibilities of benefiting from female colleagues and female high officials in the office. It will be beneficial for the traders to come forward to help the subordinates. Be aware of heart related diseases regarding health. Be alert while driving, head injury can happen. Whatever God you have in the house, make up for them and you should also recite Hanuman Chalisa. Family atmosphere will be satisfactory.

Mercury Retrograde 2022: Mercury ‘retrograde’ tomorrow in Taurus, what will be the reverse effect of Mercury from Aries to Virgo, know the horoscope

Sagittarius (Sagittarius)- On this day, there will be an abundance of work on the people of Sagittarius, while on the other hand, laziness also seems to be dominating you a lot. Where another official work has been kept as a burden on the head, on the other hand the responsibilities of the house will also fall on your shoulders. Keeping yourself alert, you should prepare a list of tasks, otherwise you will not be able to do the work, but will be stuck in tension and anger. Be alert in business class legal matters, keep yourself legally strong. Rich and outside food should be avoided in health. Full cooperation of friends will be received.

Capricorn – Today, due to mistake in your actions, your reputation may suffer, so be aware of this. Take care that you do not have to be ashamed. Conditions in the job will be normal. Retailers should avoid investing money in big purchases to get the most out of the market. Talking about health, those who have the problem of high cholesterol will have to pay more attention to their diet. Be careful while doing fire related work, accidents can happen. There may be a sudden deterioration in the health of a member in the family. Religious plans will be made in the house, serving someone is also religion.

Aquarius – On this day, the spirit of enthusiasm and enthusiasm can be seen in the people of Aquarius, on the other hand, you will also feel a lot in religious deeds, if possible, help a disabled person. Sharing personal things with official people should be avoided, but it would be better to stay focused towards your goals. Financially, the day will be great for traders, big profits can be made. Looking at health, if you are able to include yoga and exercise in your daily routine, then many minor diseases will appear to end automatically. Your rapport with elder brother will be much better, spend some time with him.

Pisces – Today the mood of Pisces people will be a little hot, it is beneficial for you to convert your anger into positive energy at the present time. Do not ignore the words of the boss in the office, otherwise it can get you in trouble. The day can be bearish for those who do business of food items. Talking about health, the position of planets can give you stress, so heart patients need to be alert. Avoid unnecessary stress. Talk to younger siblings with a generous spirit, if they need your help then they should feel free to help.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that ABPLive.com does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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