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Leave Policy: This company brought a year-long leave policy for the employees, these employees will get the benefit

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Leave Policy: Recently, e-commerce company Meesho has come up with a great leave policy for its employees. Under this, employees can get a full year’s leave of 365 days, without working, employees can get salary and leave while fulfilling some of their special needs. Know what kind of leave policy is this.

Meesho’s Leave Policy

  • While announcing the leave policy for its employees, Meesho has said that the employees of the company can take a leave of 365 days for the whole year if needed.
  • The company, making this policy a part of the ‘MeCare’ program, has announced that the holidays under the policy will be paid leave and the employee can get full salary every month.
  • During these paid leave, the employee will also be able to get PF and insurance related benefits.

What are the conditions for this leave policy
Under this leave policy, if the employee of Meesho suffers from any serious illness, then he can take paid leave for full 365 days (1 year). Not only this, if the employee himself or any of his immediate family relatives suffers from serious illness, then he can also take leave under this leave policy. If the employee himself becomes ill, then during the leave of the year, the entire salary will be given by the company. If any member of the family becomes ill, then 25 percent salary will be paid for three months.

Is the job of the employees of the company safe?
For the time being, the company has assured that such employees who take leave under this leave policy will be given their old post after their return.

This leave policy is good news in the time of rapid layoffs in startups
At a time when many startups in the country are rapidly laying off layoffs, Meesho has assured to safeguard the interests of its employees by taking these steps. New employees are often apprehensive about their job security, but this leave policy of Meesho can prove beneficial for the employees.

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