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Kitchen Hacks: With this trick, you will know whether mango is sweet or sour.

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Tricks To Choose Good Mangoes: Mango, the king of fruits, is sweet and mildly sour in taste, but some people do not know while buying mango, how do they know that this mango will turn out to be sweet. Everyone likes the sweet and juicy taste of mangoes. Ripe and sweet mangoes are very tasty to eat. Today we are telling you such a trick by which you will always buy sweet mangoes. There are a few things to keep in mind while buying mangoes. This will help you in choosing sweet mangoes.

How to know whether mango is sweet or not?

1- First of all, while buying mangoes, keep in mind that ripe sweet mangoes are soft to touch, but not so much that fingers can enter.
2- When you buy mango, smell it and see that the mango which is sweet and smells good from outside. Other mangoes smell of chemicals, alcohol or medicines.
3- While buying mango, smell it near its stem. If the mango is sweet then it smells like pineapple or melon.
4- When buying mangoes, see that dark yellow mangoes are always sweet. Also keep in mind that mango should not be suppressed from anywhere.
5- Always buy round looking mangoes. They are sweeter than thin and pitted mangoes.
6- If there are lines or wrinkles on the peel of mango, then do not buy it. Buy mango whose peel looks fresh.

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