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Kitchen Hacks: Make and drink these 3 shakes, it will not take long to empty the glass

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Healthy Shakes Recipe: Mother is most worried about the food and drink of the children. If the weight and height of the child is not increasing properly, then the problem of the mother increases. At the same time, some children eat very few things in food and drink. In such a situation, it is not understood that what should be fed so that the weight of the child is cured. Today we are telling you to make 3 such healthy shakes which will help in increasing the weight of the child. You can give this shake to children by changing in the summer season. You can give banana shake to the child one day, give mango shake one day and one day you can make and drink strawberry shake. Due to this the taste of the child will also change and the weight of the child will also increase. Let’s know how to make shake with banana, mango and strawberry.

1- Recipe of Mango Shake- Children like mangoes very much, in such a situation, make mango shake and drink it to your child daily in summer. This will help in increasing the weight. To make mango shake, peel a ripe mango and take out its pulp. Now put mango in the mixer and mix 1 glass of milk. Add sugar to it according to taste. Delicious Mango Shake is ready, garnish it with cashew nuts and serve it.

2- Banana Shake- Banana is a fruit available in all seasons. Banana must be fed to the child from childhood itself. Delicious sweet banana is very much liked by children. You can make banana shake and give it to the child in summer. For this take 1 ripe banana, put it in a mixer jar and add a cup of milk to it. Add 1 teaspoon sugar and mix. You must give this delicious and healthy banana shake to children.

3- Strawberry Shake- First wash the strawberries and cut them into pieces. Now pour milk in the jar making shake and also add strawberries. Grind both the things well. If you want, you can add 1 teaspoon of sugar to it for sweetness. Delicious Strawberry Shake is ready. You can garnish it with small pieces of almonds and strawberries. Kids will love this shake.

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