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Kitchen Hacks: Green Coriander will not rot in the rain, it will remain very fresh if stored like this

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Coriander Leaves Storage Tisp: Green leafy things get spoiled very quickly as soon as the rainy season comes. Green vegetables do not last more than 1-2 days. On the other hand, green coriander becomes very expensive in the rain. Due to the humidity in the weather, coriander is not able to stay fresh for a long time and starts melting. Green coriander enhances the taste of vegetable, dal or raita-chutney. Green coriander is used in food in most of the homes. Green coriander is also very good for stomach and digestion. You must use it in food.

Today we are telling you how to store green coriander in the rain. Due to this, the coriander will not melt and will remain fresh and green for a long time. Let us know how to store green coriander.

How to store coriander leaves in rain.

  • If you are fond of eating green coriander and keep coriander in the fridge. So keep it in a plastic bag only.
  • If you find coriander leaves wet or there is moisture in them, then spread it on a newspaper in the fan for a while and keep it. After that store.
  • If you want, you can wrap coriander in some tissue paper and keep it in polythene.
  • The best way to store coriander is to wrap it in a newspaper and keep it closed in an air tight container.
  • If you are keeping coriander in an airtight container, then first clean and remove its leaves. Keep in mind that coriander should not be wet.

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