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Karachi restaurant "Gangubai Kathiawadi" The scene of K was used for marketing, there was a lot of criticism on social media

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Pakistan: A popular restaurant ‘Swings’ in Pakistan’s largest city Karachi faced severe criticism on Friday. The restaurant used a popular scene from Alia Bhatt’s film “Gangubai Kathiawadi” to promote Men’s Day, after which people on social media were outraged. began to reveal.

The film is based on the real life story of a sex worker fighting for the rights of women in her community. The restaurant on Friday used a scene from the film in which the heroine, who is forced into prostitution, tries to attract her first customer.

objectionable post of restaurant
The clip of this scene and the dialogue “Aaja na raja – what are you waiting for?”, was used by the restaurant to attract customers for Men’s Day. The restaurant’s post read, “Aaja Na Raja, Swings is calling all kings. Come and take advantage of 25 percent off on Mondays!”

The restaurant was heavily criticized on social media
This post of the restaurant was heavily criticized on social media, due to which the owners of the restaurant apologized half-heartedly, after which they faced further criticism. People were surprised that the restaurant had used the edited clip of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film on social media pages as a marketing strategy.

According to news agency PTI, there was a flood of comments on social media against this act of the restaurant. Content creator Daniyal Shaikh said in a Facebook post, “What is this? It is promoting sexual exploitation of women and literally making fun of women who are forced to become prostitutes. Try to be accountable. “

Another user wrote, “If you guys think this is some kind of marketing tactic and will get you some attention and customers then you are sadly wrong! Using a clip from a movie based on prostitution to show that How low and shallow can you be for publicity.”

Another user wrote that they did not expect this kind of ad from the restaurant and were “extremely disappointed” by the marketing gimmick.

Restaurant owner’s explanation also criticized
The restaurant issued a clarification on Friday night to pacify social media users but it added to their troubles.

The restaurant owner wrote, “Just a concept, our intention was not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. The film and this post are based on a concept. As before, we are open to all and will serve you as always.” However, after this statement, the restaurant was criticized more on social media.Social media users also criticized this explanation.

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