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Jagannath Puri Temple Mystery: 5 such mysteries of Jagannath Puri temple, which till date even science has not been able to solve

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Jagannath Temple Mystery: While Badrinath Dham is considered to be the eighth Baikunth of Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the world, Jagannath Dham is also considered as the Baikunth form of the earth. Located in the coastal city of Puri in Odisha, this world famous temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This mythological temple of Puri is quite supernatural in itself. There are many such mysterious and miraculous things related to this holy temple which is more than 800 years old which are astonishing. Science does not even have the answer to this.

flag flutters against the wind

Usually during the day the wind blows from the sea to the earth and in the evening from the earth to the sea, but you will be surprised to know that here this process is reversed. The flag of the temple always flutters against the direction of the wind. The flag flutters in the direction opposite to the direction in which the wind blows.

the secret of the kitchen

It is said that the Jagannath temple has the largest kitchen in the world. The secret of the kitchen is that here seven utensils are placed one on top of the other to prepare the offerings of God. These utensils are made of clay in which Prasad is cooked on the stove itself. The surprising thing is that during this time the dish of the utensil placed at the top gets cooked first, then the prasad gets cooked one after the other from the bottom. Even if lakhs of devotees come, but the prasad never falls short and does not go in vain. Prasad also ends as soon as the temple is closed.

The shadow of the temple is not visible

Jagannath temple is in about four lakh square feet area. Its height is 214 feet. It is the law of science to become the shadow of any object or human being, animal and birds. But the upper part of the temple of Lord Jagannath, the Lord of the world, challenges this law of science. Here the shadow of the top of the temple is always invisible.

Idols are changed in 12 years

Here the idols of all three Jagannathji, Baldev and Goddess Subhadra are changed every 12 years. New idols are installed. There is also an interesting anecdote related to this process of changing the idol. There is complete darkness around the temple. The power to the city is cut off. CRPF security is deployed outside the temple. Only the priest changing the idol is allowed inside the temple.

birds not seen

Usually birds can be seen sitting on temples, mosques or big buildings. But no plane ever flies over the temple of Puri, nor does any bird sit on the top of the temple. This has not been seen in any other temple of India.

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