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IPL 2022: From a refugee to becoming a T20 specialist bowler, this is the journey of Rashid Khan

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Rashid Khan Cricket Journey: In the year 2001, the US waged war against Afghanistan. Rashid Khan was just 3 years old then. Rashid’s entire childhood was spent in the midst of this fierce US war against the Taliban. During the war, the situation was such that Rashid had to live with his parents in a refugee camp near the Pakistan border. Rashid and his family could return to their country after the power of Afghanistan came in the hands of America. However, even after coming back, there was nothing for Rashid in Afghanistan.

In fact, despite America being victorious in the war, there were sporadic conflicts between the US and the Taliban in Afghanistan. There came a time when Rashid’s family got fed up with this unrest and went to Pakistan. It is here that Shahid Afridi’s rage started on Rashid. This was the time when Shahid Afridi was called ‘Boom-Boom Afridi’. Afridi used to trouble the batsmen with fast leg spin, as well as he used to hit big sixes in batting. Rashid’s interest in cricket started increasing after seeing Afridi. Although Rashid used to play cricket before and Sachin Tendulkar used to be his favorite, but after living in Pakistan, this attachment grew further due to Shahid Afridi. As a result, Rashid started focusing less on studies and more in cricket.

Mother wanted Rashid to become a doctor
Rashid’s family wanted him to become a doctor. His mother had the highest desire to make Rashid a doctor. Rashid also wanted to fulfill this wish of his mother, but luck had something else to accept. After returning to Afghanistan from Pakistan, Rashid also started studies to become a doctor. However, along with this, he also used to play cricket. He was also selected in Afghanistan’s Under-19 team, but after his poor performance here, he was again advised to focus on studies.

Debut opportunity in 2015
Rashid’s studies and cricket went hand in hand. Meanwhile, Rashid started doing better in cricket. In the year 2015, he also got a chance to make his international debut. From then till now, Rashid did not look back and continued to shine his name in the world of cricket year after year. Better performance for Afghanistan got him an entry in IPL and then his success in IPL made him famous in world cricket.

Such has been Rashid’s cricket career
Rashid has played 80 ODIs, 58 T20s and 5 Test matches for Afghanistan so far. He has 151 wickets in ODIs, 105 wickets in T20 Internationals and 34 wickets in Test matches. He has taken 108 wickets in IPL by playing 88 matches. During this his bowling economy has been 6.39. That is, he has given only 6.39 runs per over on an average. If we look at Rashid’s total T20 career, he has taken 438 wickets in 314 T20 matches with a bowling average of 17.5 and an economy of 6.32. Along with IPL, he has flagged his success in franchise leagues around the world.

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