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International No Diet Day 2022: International No Diet Day is being celebrated today, know the reason for celebrating this day

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International No Diet Day 2022: Today i.e. on 6th May 2022 ‘International No Diet Day’ is celebrated all over the world. The reason behind celebrating this day is that people should love their body and complexion on this day. This day is celebrated as a day to express love towards oneself.

There have been a lot of changes in the lifestyle of the people in the last few years. Nowadays people have become very cautious about their lifestyle. In such a situation, a large number of people like to diet. But, often dieters also celebrate Cheat Day once a week. You can see today’s day as this cheat day. So let us tell you about the reason behind celebrating this day and how to celebrate it-

Reason behind celebrating ‘International No Diet Day’
On this day people are encouraged to eat food of their choice throughout the day forgetting their increasing weight, obesity etc. People are encouraged to embrace their bodies. Nowadays people have started doing excessive dieting in order to be thin, due to which they may have to face many problems.

According to many health experts, due to excessive dieting, you can have many health problems like low blood pressure, heart-related diseases, type-2 diabetes etc. In such a situation, you should also avoid dieting excessively.

History behind celebrating this day
‘International No Diet Day’ was first celebrated in the year 1992. Mary Evans, a British woman, first started celebrating this day. Mary Evans started explaining to people that excessive dieting can have a very bad effect on their health.

In such a situation, to celebrate this day, Mary invited some of her relatives and friends to a house party. Since then, people celebrate ‘International No Diet Day’ every year on 6 May. To celebrate this day, we organize a party at home and eat the food of our choice without any restriction.

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