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India China Relations: Chinese Defense Minister blamed India for border dispute, said – Indian soldiers infiltrated

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India China Relations: Reverse the thief Kotwal ko data… This proverb fits right on China. Because China has blamed India for the ongoing dispute on the LAC adjacent to eastern Ladakh. The Defense Minister of China has alleged that due to the infiltration of Indian soldiers into the Chinese border, the tension on the LAC started.

,Indian soldiers had entered the Chinese border,
Chinese Defense Minister Wai Feng was addressing the Shangri-La-Dialogue held in Singapore on Sunday. At the same time, in response to a question, he has alleged that India had accumulated a large number of weapons on the LAC and Indian soldiers had entered the Chinese border, due to which tension started between the two countries. However, he said that peace on the LAC is in the interest of both the countries (ie India and China).

The Defense Minister of China said that the military commanders of both countries have held 15 rounds of meetings to end the tension on the Line of Control (LAC). He said that both the countries are trying to maintain peace.

China tried to infiltrate in May 2020
Let us tell you that in May 2020, the Chinese army tried to infiltrate many places on the LAC adjacent to eastern Ladakh. Apart from this, China had assembled a large number of soldiers (50-60 thousand) as well as tanks, cannons and missiles on the LAC. After this there was violence in Galvan Valley and the tension between the two countries started. But two years later, after 15 rounds of meetings, the armies of both the countries have retreated at many places, but the tension on the border remains intact. China is engaged in strengthening the defense infrastructure and military deployment in its area of ​​the LAC.

,what is shangri-la dialogue,
In the Shangri-La Dialogue held in Singapore, the Heads of State, Ministers and Military Commanders of the countries of the Indo-Pacific region participate and discuss the strategic situation at home and abroad, this year the Commanding-in-Chief of the Eastern Command of the Navy from India. Vice Admiral Biswajit Dasgupta has participated.

While addressing the Sangri-La Dialogue on Saturday, US Defense Secretary Austin Lloyd also alleged that China has a very strong position on the LAC adjacent to India. doing. But he had clearly said that America will cooperate with all its friendly countries including India against China’s grandeur. Austin had said here that India’s military might and technical capability could prove to be a stabilizing force in the Indo-Pacific region.

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