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IAS Interview Questions: Which animal has blue blood?

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IAS Interview Questions & Answers: Getting success in the examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission is a very difficult task. Candidates work hard to clear this exam. Every year lakhs of candidates apply to become an officer, but only a few of them are successful in this job. This happens because to pass this exam one has to spend all his time in preparation. This exam is considered very difficult as compared to other exams. Many tricky questions are asked in its interview.

1- Question: Which animal is that, which keeps sleeping for two months after birth?
Answer: The animal that sleeps for two months after birth is bear.

2- Question: Which animal is the one whose blood is blue?
Answer: Octopus’s blood is blue.

3- Question: Who is such that no one comes to save him when he sees drowning?
Answer: Surya.

4- Question: If you put a red stone in a blue sea, what will happen?
Answer: The stone will get wet and will sink.

5- Question: What should be bought for 10 rupees so that the whole room is filled?
Answer: I will buy incense sticks or candles for 10 rupees, which will fill the whole house with its light and fragrance.

6- Question: What is that thing, which is bought for eating but not eaten?
Answer: Plate.

7- Question: Which is such a bag that works only when wet?
Answer: Tea Bag.

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