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Healthy Diet: If you want to be healthy, then definitely eat these 5 brown foods in the routine

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Benefit Of Brown Food: If you want to lose weight, then use brown food instead of white things in the diet. Brown food is more beneficial than white food, brown food items like bread, pasta, sugar, egg are very beneficial for health. These super foods contain more fiber, vitamins and minerals than white food. If you also want to stay fit in the routine and avoid lifestyle diseases, then definitely include these 5 super brown foods in the diet.

1- Brown Bread- White bread is made from maida and brown bread uses more flour, so it also contains more fiber. If bread is included in your breakfast and snacks, try eating brown bread from a good bakery or brand.

2-brown rice- If you like to eat rice in the routine, then eat some brown rice instead of white rice. Brown rice also contains more fiber than white and slightly less carbohydrates. You can eat brown rice by making steam or light casserole.

3-brown sugar- If you want to stay fit, then leave the white sugar-bad food at all. Try to replace it with brown sugar which contains more minerals. Actually white and brown sugar are made from the same process but brown sugar is less processed than white. If you want, you can also use jaggery or jaggery sugar.

4-brown flour- If you like absolutely white bread, then be alert. The more refined the flour, the more damage it will do. You use the mill to make coarsely ground flour in which bran is mixed. If mill’s flour is not possible then mix bran in regular flour or you can mix multi grain flour. If you want, you can buy jowar, millet, maize, oats and gram flour separately and mix them in the normal flour.

5-Brown Pasta and Noodles- In health benefits, brown pasta is considered better than white pasta. White pasta is made from refined flour and brown pasta uses semolina or flour, also known as wheat pasta. Brown pasta and noodles are high in fiber

6-Super Brown Food- Apart from regular food, there are many such foods including almonds, walnuts, brown eggs and brown mushrooms which are considered good for our health. In such a situation, it is beneficial for the body to include these brown food items in the routine.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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