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Health Tips: Consume these things during pregnancy, the child’s mind will be sharp and memory will also increase

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Pregnancy Tips: The time of pregnancy is very delicate, during this time women have to take special care of their health. After all, it should also be kept because their baby gets nutrition only from the mother’s diet, from which he is able to develop. Many women love to eat fish, but they do not understand whether they should include it in their diet during this time or not.

Health experts say that fish is very nutritious and if you are a non-vegetarian then you must include fish in your diet. But can pregnant women consume all kinds of fish! Let’s find out-

make the right choice
You can eat fish during pregnancy but you have to choose it very carefully and also take care of its quantity. At the beginning of pregnancy, the baby needs many nutrients, which are found in abundance in fish.

what is the correct quantity
According to the FDA and EPA, 226 to 340 grams of fish can be eaten in two to three servings every week. Breastfeeding mother should eat the same amount of fish.

therefore it is necessary to consume
Fish oil contains omega.3 fatty acids, which help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Omega.3 is essential for late pregnancy CNS growth and fetal brain development.

how much is required
Fish contains mercury, so pregnant women are advised to consume it in small amounts. That’s why pregnant women should take care of the amount of fish in their diet.

its advantages
Fish contains lean protein, which is an important amino acid for fetal development. Shhh helps build cells for your baby’s hair, bones, skin and muscles.
At the same time, eating fish also controls blood pressure and reduces the risk of preterm birth.

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