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Health News: Man who transplanted pig’s heart dies, heart transplant was done 2 months ago

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Man Died Who Had Pig Heart Transplant: American citizen David Bennett has died. According to the report of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it is believed that he died due to the porcine virus present in the heart of the pig. David had a pig heart transplanted about 2 months ago after a long surgery. David Bennett’s heart was replaced by a genetically modified pig’s heart. David Bennett was 57 years old.

This surgery was done at The University of Maryland Medical Center. Actually David Bennett had heart disease and there was no chance of his survival. As an experiment, doctors at the University of Maryland Medicine transplanted the pig’s heart by genetically modifying it with the consent of David Bennett.

This was the first time in the world that a pig’s heart was transplanted into a human. This was a major development in medical history and it was considered a new hope for organ transplant. Although there was no problem initially after this heart transplant surgery, but after a few days David Bennett’s health started deteriorating and then he died.

Death due to virus present in pig’s heart?
Bartley Griffith, the doctor who performed the surgery, says that he may have died due to a virus present in the pig’s heart or there was some other reason. However, it was a matter of relief that the virus found in Bennett’s body does not infect human cells.

Experts also believe that if David died due to the virus present in the pig’s heart, then the virus-free heart could last a long time. They also believe that if this death is due to infection, then such infection can be prevented in future and such virus can be identified with genetic modification technology.

questions about surgery
However, questions were also raised on this surgery. Some experts also consider this to be a threat, in which due to transplanting of pig’s heart into humans, the virus found inside them can spread another major epidemic.

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