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Hair Growth in Pregnancy: Reasons why hair grows during pregnancy

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Pregnancy Effect On Hair: During pregnancy, the body of women undergoes many changes. One change that is quite common is the change in hair, which can be seen in every woman. In some women, hair appears thick and shiny during pregnancy, while in other women, the growth and volume of hair decreases. Gynecologist doctors say that due to the production of excessive amount of estrogen, where some women have good hair growth, in some women there is an excess of hormone called progesterone. Due to which the hair becomes dry and lifeless and starts breaking from the roots.

1. In the first three months of pregnancy, women’s hair starts growing a lot because the amount of androgens in their body also starts increasing. At this time the hair starts feeling thick and heavy as the hair fall stops during this time.
2. Due to the increasing hormones in pregnancy, the hair remains in the resting phase for a longer time, due to which the hair starts looking thicker and stronger than before.
3. Taking vitamin supplements during pregnancy also causes hair to grow very quickly. Progesterone is a hormone that keeps the hair follicles alive during pregnancy. This hormone lengthens the phase of hair growth, making it very thick.
4. Hair continues to grow in this way throughout the pregnancy. After 6 months of the birth of the child, it starts becoming normal as before. Hair not only looks thicker but also feels more shiny than before.
5. During this, women have a desire to eat more food and sleep. Cortisol hormone is reduced by sleeping, due to which there is no stress, due to which the hair also starts growing more quickly.
6. At this time, due to the high amount of androgens, unwanted hair growth starts on many parts of the body. Many women start getting hair on the face, abdomen and other places.
7. There is also a change in the texture of the hair during pregnancy. While some of their wavy hair starts straightening, some of them become very oily or dry. Not only this, the color of the hair also starts changing.

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