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Eid-ul-Fitr 2022: Eid is being celebrated today, know the reason and method behind celebrating this festival

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Eid-ul-Fitr 2022 Date and Time in India: Eid is the biggest festival of the Muslim community. Today i.e. on 3rd May 2022 (Eid-Ul-Fitr 2022 Date) the festival of Eid is being celebrated all over the world including India. This festival is celebrated on the last day of Ramadan. Eid is considered to be the first day of Shawwal, the tenth month of the Islamic calendar. Please tell that Eid is also called Sweet Eid.

reason for celebrating eid
It is believed that on the day of Eid, Prophet Hazrat Muhammad won the battle of Badr. After this, everyone’s mouth was sweetened in this happiness. Since then, this day was celebrated as Meethi Eid of Eid-ul-Fitr. According to the Islamic calendar, this festival was celebrated for the first time in Hijri Samvat 2 i.e. 624 AD i.e. about 1400 years ago. Since then this day is celebrated every year. Even in the holy book of Quran, the month of Ramadan is considered as the most holy month.

This is how the special day of Eid is celebrated
People wear new clothes on the special occasion of Eid. Along with this, many types of dishes are made in homes, the most prominent of which is vermicelli. For this reason Eid is also known as Mithi Eid. This festival is considered a symbol of brotherhood and peace. People greet each other on this day by hugging each other and make each other’s mouth sweet by feeding vermicelli. On the occasion of Eid, people also give gifts to each other. The elders of the house give many gifts or money to the children of the house. It is known as Eidi. Food and clothes are also donated to the poor.

Many delicious dishes are prepared at home on the day of Eid.
On the special occasion of Eid, many dishes like Biryani, Sweet Sevai, Mithai, Nihari, Kebab etc. are made in homes. There are many types of vermicelli made especially in homes. For this reason this festival is also called Meethi Eid. Along with this, people also thank Allah on the occasion of Eid.

Eid festival comes after 30 days of fasting
Fasting is kept for 30 days before Eid. In this 30 days, Muslims all over the world do Sehri before the sun rises. After this their fasting begins. During fasting, he neither eats nor drinks anything during the day. After this, people open the fast at the time of Iftari in the evening and offer prayers. During the entire Ramadan month (Ramadan 2022), people do many types of religion and charity work.

In this month, the poor are helped and Zakat is given. Along with this, feeding food to the hungry also has special importance in Ramadan. After seeing the moon of Eid on the last day of Ramadan, people hug each other and congratulate each other on Eid (EID Mubarak Baad).

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