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Easy Sleep: Sleep peacefully in the fan, follow these tips for coolness

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Sleeping Tips For Summer: Summer is at its peak. The sun is blazing fire. In such a situation, someone tells you that you should not sleep in AC and cooler but with ceiling fans or table fans. Hearing this advice, you will laugh at the person in front and get angry too. After all, how can anyone give such rubbish advice in such a weather! But today we have brought here for you the list of benefits of sleeping in the fan as well as some special tips to sleep peacefully while getting the fan cool.

How to get coolness in fan air?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have AC for sleeping. Most of the population in our country does not have AC facility. In such a situation, you can take coolness like AC in your fan itself. For this, try the tips mentioned here while sleeping…

1. Take a bath before sleeping. This normalizes the body temperature, calms the brain and relaxes the muscles. Due to this the fan’s air feels very sweet and good sleep comes.

2. Drink a glass of cold water before sleeping. This water is not to be swallowed in one breath. Rather, sip by sip and drink comfortably. This pacifies the thirsty buds present in your tongue, which gives coolness to the body and peace of mind.

3.Wear a cotton T-shirt and pajamas or shorts for sleeping. Avoid wearing full sleeve night suits or thick clothes.

4. Use cotton sheets for sleeping. For both wearing and laying. Soak the cover sheet in water and squeeze it well and then hang it on a rope for 15-20 minutes so that the excess water gets squeezed out. Now cover this sheet and sleep with the fan running. You will have a good sleep.

Benefits of sleeping in a fan

  • Whether you sleep with a ceiling fan or a table fan. Both of these save you from the problem of cold and heat. For example, on going out of AC air immediately or coming in AC immediately from outside heat, it becomes cold and hot. This type of problem does not happen in the fan.
  • Even while sleeping in the fan, sweat keeps coming out during the hot summer days. Which is essential for health. While sleeping in AC or sleeping in cooler does not cause sweating and this causes stiffness, pain or fatigue in the body.
  • You may be surprised to know, but it is true that sleeping with the fan on or staying in the fan’s air for most of the time makes it very easy for you to breathe. The oxygen level in your body remains good.
  • If you are one of those people whose sleep is awakened by the slightest sound, then make a habit of sleeping in the fan. There will be trouble in the beginning but once you get used to it, then nothing will be known about the noise outside. Because the fan itself makes noise, which your brain has got used to.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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