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Drones will now fly for accurate weather information, these drones equipped with many sensors will update Palpal

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Drone Weather Forecast: Weather data becomes very important to know when it is summer and when it will rain and when the storm will come, to know the weather updates at the right time and in an accurate way. For accurate assessment and accurate information on atmospheric data, India is now planning to issue drones with radiosonde sensors and the ministry and earth sciences are preparing to release weather balloons at at least 550 places in the country.

M Ravichandran, Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, said that we are now exploring the possibility of using drones to collect atmospheric data, which can prove to be a very important tool for weather forecasting. Let us tell you that at present there is a plan to leave drones with these sensors twice a day across the country.

After all, how will the drone benefit?

According to a statement from the ministry, these drones will be equipped with radiosonde, which was earlier carried through weather balloons. Now sensors have also been used to record atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind direction and speed with the help of drones. Actually, under this plan, hydrogen weather balloons are to be loaded in the drone, which can go up to a height of 12 km. The onboard sensor will then transmit the data via radio signal to the ground team. Traditionally weather balloons and radiosondes were used, but these would be carried away from the ground staff at the weather station.

This is the reason why drones are a better solution in this case because they can be controlled and evaluated. The Ministry of Earth Sciences and the Indian Meteorological Department will now work together to release drones from 550 meteorological stations. Radiosecond observations will be fed into the forecast model to capture weather updates and forecasts. Drones will be economical, efficient, easy to deploy and recoverable. Drones will be technically superior to radioseconds that are currently deployed for the upper air to the extent of the upper atmosphere.

Drone will get accurate data:

If drones are used for weather records, then it has many advantages. For example, collecting weather data from a weather balloon takes about two hours, but with a drone and its loaded sensors, it will be able to do so in just 40 minutes.

In addition, IMD loses about 100 radioseconds every day to weather balloons that are impossible to track. Also, the loss of a drone will be considered a very rare event as the drone can be easily tracked and controlled.

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