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Monday, May 23, 2022

Dollar – Rupee Update: The effect of weakness in the rupee against the dollar, due to expensive imports, these companies are considering increasing the price of their products!

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Smartphone – Laptop Price Hike Likely: The common man is already troubled by inflation. From food to drink, fuel has become expensive. But the fall in the rupee against the dollar is bringing another inflation. Due to the weakness in the rupee, the prices of smartphones, laptops, televisions, fridges and ACs are expected to increase.

Electronics and consumer durables may increase prices
Actually, from electronics to consumer durables companies import many things to make these products. Because the dollar has strengthened against the rupee, it will become expensive to import these products. This is the reason why consumer durables companies can increase the prices of their products by 3 to 5 percent in the coming days.

Smartphone – Laptop prices will increase!
Due to expensive dollars, companies from smartphones to laptops can increase the price by 3 to 5 percent from this month. Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, there has already been a jump of 8 to 10 percent in the prices of steel, aluminum, plastic, now the rupee has also declined. After which the cost of companies in preparing these products has increased. To compensate for this, companies are considering increasing the price.

Rupee can go up to Rs 80 per dollar
The fall in the rupee has been predicted to increase further and it is being said that the rupee can go up to the level of 80 against the dollar. That is, the value of 1 dollar can also come up to 80 rupees. If this happens then imported things will become even more expensive.

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